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Where can I take CELTA training?

CELTA training courses are run at over 300 approved centres around the world. Between them, these centres run well over 600 courses every year. A full list of approved CELTA centres is available from the Cambridge English website.

If you are looking for CELTA training in London then we strongly recommend one of the following courses at International House London:

CELTA training courses are designed for people with no previous teaching experience. During the course, candidates develop familiarity with the principles of effective teaching and a range of practical skills for teaching English to adult learners. The course includes teaching practice, observation of experienced teachers in the classroom and completion of a range of practically focussed written assignments.

CELTA training can be either full time (intensive), typically 4-5 weeks or part time, ranging from a few months to over a year.

Learn to teach - the CELTA course is your passport into TEFL or ELT as it is now called